Membership Grant - Coming Soon

The MEMBERSHIP GRANT provides financial support as a mutual benefit to individuals who face difficulty renewing or paying for NEAIR membership due to lack of financial support from their institution, particularly those individuals actively supporting the NEAIR community through sharing their knowledge and expertise. This program supports our strategic goal of providing high quality, timely, and relevant professional development, at an affordable cost, to enhance the skills and competencies required of high-performing institutional research and effectiveness professionals.

Starting June 2024, the grant will be awarded as a discounted membership rate subject to available funds.

What is considered when selecting the recipient(s) for the grant?
  • Eligibility: Applicants need to meet one of the following criteria:
    • Be a current or past member of NEAIR, or
    • A prospective new member who
      • 1) works in an IR/Assessment/Effectiveness office or
      • 2) works in an office explicitly supporting the functions of the IR office where someone in the IR office is a current member of NEAIR.
Once eligibility is confirmed, proposals are blinded for review.
  • Criteria for selection: Proposals are evaluated by the Grants Committee using the Membership Grant Scoring Rubric. Basically, the Committee is looking for a clear and compelling rationale for how the financial support will benefit the applicant and the NEAIR community.  Preference will be given to applicants who have shared and/or plan to share their knowledge and expertise with the NEAIR community.
The individual evaluations are then shared with and discussed by the full committee. Selection is made by a simple majority vote of the Grants Committee eligible to vote.