The NEAIR Mentor Program matches institutional researchers who are new to the field and those who are more experienced but wish to develop into a leadership position with seasoned IR professionals. Mentees identify goals or outcomes they would like to achieve as a participant in the mentor program in addition to short- and long-term professional goals. Mentors, in turn, provide informal and timely advice, encouragement, and recommendations for resources to support mentees as they progress toward their identified goals. 
Both mentees and mentors benefit from participating in the program. Mentees gain support and motivation from a trusted advisor, expand their professional networks, and shorten their learning curve. Mentors hear new hires’ or recent college graduates’ perspectives, grow leadership skills through the experience, and are rejuvenated by sharing their knowledge and expertise.  
Many mentees meet their mentors at the NEAIR annual conference in November, but attending the conference is optional for participation in the mentor program. The committee understands that not everyone can make it to the conference. As such, attendance is not a prerequisite for participation in the mentoring program. Mentors and mentees can connect virtually. 
Following the match in November, the mentor program spans a year. Mentors and mentees decide on a meeting frequency (e.g., monthly over coffee before work or during lunch). Mentors and mentees can meet virtually, or if they work near each other, they can meet in person at a time that works for them. During their initial meeting in November, the pair will establish expectations that will allow them to understand what is expected from one another and what they hope to gain from their time together to keep goal-oriented. Throughout the year, mentors and mentees will revisit the initial goals of the mentee, assess progress, and make adjustments as needed. 
Are you interested in becoming a mentee?
You can sign up for the mentor program in one of two ways. If you plan to attend the NEAIR conference in November, you can indicate your interest in the program when you complete your conference registration. After registering for the conference, you will receive the Be A Mentee Form via email. Are you not able to attend the NEAIR conference in November? No worries. You can indicate your interest in the program now by filling out the Be A Mentee Form, and a member of the mentor program committee will be in touch during the annual fall matching process. It’s that easy to get started. 
Are you interested in becoming a mentor?
You can make a positive difference in the lives of new-to-IR professionals while hearing the perspectives of those new to the field and developing future organizational leaders. If you are an institutional researcher and want to give back to the profession, volunteer as a mentor. To indicate your interest in becoming a mentor, sign in to the NEAIR member portal and complete the Be A Mentor Form.

To support mentors and mentees, NEAIR has developed a resource, the Mentor Program Toolkit, which all program participants are encouraged to review.
Want additional resources for professionals who are new to the field?
The NEAIR Membership Committee works to provide a positive conference experience for first-time NEAIR conference attendees by highlighting sessions relevant to newcomers. The committee hosts all newcomers to a reception Sunday evening before the start of the conference. The organizers will highlight the mentor program during the reception and discuss conference sessions designed for new professionals.  
If you are new to the field of IR, we have provided the following documents to navigate your new career: