Distinguished Service Award

The NEAIR Distinguished Service Award is a meaningful recognition bestowed only to those persons who have made significant and substantial contributions to the field of institutional research, to the professional development of NEAIR colleagues and to the vitality and success of NEAIR as an organization over a period of years.
The Distinguished Service Award is to be made no more than once a year. The award is not required to be given annually. The award is honorary and shall be presented during the annual meeting of the Association. The Distinguished Service Award is not to be used simply to recognize persons retiring from active service in institutional research. Emeritus Membership status is the more appropriate recognition of service in this case.

Material Manifestations of the Award
The Distinguished Service Award recipient will receive lifetime membership in the Association.  Additionally, they will receive an engraved gift presented at the Annual Conference.

Criteria for DSA Award

Procedures for Nomination and Selection (Submission Form)