Memorial Conference Grant


Memorial Conference Grants are awarded to current members in honor of a deceased NEAIR member who made significant contributions to the organization. The intent of this program is to financially support members who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference, particularly individuals who plan to share their knowledge and expertise with the NEAIR community. Grants are awarded to two NEAIR members to help defray the costs of attending the Annual Conference. 

The 2017 Memorial Conference Grants are awarded in honor of Larry Metzger. Larry spent his career at Ithaca College. His clear, forward thinking and determination made a lasting impact on the College. He served on the NEAIR Steering Committee as secretary from 1987 to 1989 and in the presidential roles from 1990 to 1993.

The call for applications will open on July 1st. The deadline for submission is Aug 15. Recipients will be notified by Sept 15.

For the 2017 Annual Conference in Jersey City will have a maximum award of $1050 each.

The Memorial Conference Grant will be applied directly to cover the recipient’s conference registration fee, and the remainder will then be used to reimburse the following expenses (up to a total grant amount of $1050). Covered travel expenses include travel to and from the conference, hotel room, meals, and workshops.

The grant does not cover the NEAIR membership fee. Recipients must pay the annual membership fee when registering for the conference.

With the exception of the conference fee, grant recipients will be reimbursed for these costs only upon completion of the conference, and upon presentation of original receipts. The recipients will be reimbursed directly.  
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