Memorial Conference Grant

Memorial Conference Grant Application
Memorial Conference Grants are awarded to current members in honor of a deceased NEAIR member who made significant contributions to the organization. The intent of this program is to financially support members who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference, particularly individuals who plan to share their knowledge and expertise with the NEAIR community. 

Grants are awarded to up to three NEAIR members to help defray the costs of attending the Annual Conference. Each award is worth up to $1000. More awards may be awarded with smaller amounts, depending on resources available and applicants' budget.

2024 Memorial Grant Honoree - TBA

Submissions will be accepted during NEAIR annual conference registration and the deadline for submitting applications will be late September.

When you are ready to submit your completed application, please sign into the NEAIR website using your username and password. Your information will be pre-populated in the application below for you to then upload grant application materials. Complete the information on the application form and upload the required document. Recipients will be notified by the NEAIR conference early bird registration deadline (October 16, 2024) about the outcome of their application.

What documents do I need to submit?
The completed proposal must include a
statement by the applicant describing the anticipated benefits of attending the NEAIR conference and planned forms of participation at the conference (sessions, networking, volunteering, etc.). You must include your anticipated expenses and level of funding desired. Please include a statement of financial need, if applicable.

What is considered when selecting the recipient(s) for the scholarship?
  • Eligibility - Applicants need to:
    • A current member of NEAIR at the time of proposal submission;
    • Be currently employed in higher education
  • Some degree of preference will be given to:
    • Members from institutions that do not provide any support for conference travel.
    • Members who have never attended or not recently attended a regional or national IR conference.
    • The member’s financial need.
    • The length of the member’s NEAIR membership.
    • The member’s degree of planned participation in the conference (volunteer work, mentoring, poster or paper presentation etc.).
    • Members who are employed full-time in an institutional research or similar office.
    • Have not received a conference travel grant from NEAIR in the last 3 years.
Once eligibility is confirmed, proposals are blinded for review.
  • Criteria for selection: Proposals are evaluated by the Grants Committee using the Memorial Grant Scoring Rubric. Basically, the Committee is looking for a clear and compelling rationale for why attending the NEAIR conference will benefit the applicant in the professional development as an institutional researchers, and a description of the ways in which they will participate in the various learning and networking experiences that are available at the conference.
The individual evaluations then are shared with the full committee and discussed by the group. Selection is made by a simple majority vote of the Grants Committee.
What happens if I am the recipient of the scholarship?
A travel expenses report with receipts must be provided at the latest within two weeks of the end of the conference. The recipient will be reimbursed for the agreed upon amount (up to $1000) directly.
Past Grant Recipients

"The timing of the conference grant award was especially helpful to me as I was at a transition point in my career and without access to institutional funds to cover my attendance. The application process was not burdensome at all and well worth the time I put into it! The conference grant allowed me to maintain my connection to the NEAIR community and the field which was invaluable. I greatly appreciate the opportunity it afforded me.” —Marlene Clapp