Standing Committees

The Association has several ongoing committees which carry out the organization’s mission and goals. These committees work under the supervision of a Steering Committee member and report to the Steering Committee. While some committees require persons with specific expertise (such as web development or conference planning), others do not. Committee assignments are typically made for no less than one year and up to 3 year terms. 

Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the development of the annual NEAIR budget; tracking of finances; maintaining adequate financial controls; implementing a multi-year budget development process; and advising the Steering Committee on strategic management of funds. The committee consists of the chair, the Treasurer, and additional members from the membership.  

Grants Committee is responsible for overseeing the professional development grant programs funded by NEAIR. This includes reviewing grant applications and selecting and notifying grant recipients. The committee consists of a member of the Steering Committee serving as chair and additional members from the membership.

Local Arrangements Committee is responsible for all logistical arrangements for the Annual Conference.  The committee consists of an appointed member to the Steering Committee serving as chair and additional members from the membership. Some committee members serve a one-year term.

Membership Committee oversees a variety of NEAIR activities to ensure that the membership has access to their basic membership benefits, develop new areas of benefits, and communicate these benefits with NEAIR members. The committee also provides information to assist new and mid-career NEAIR members, coordinates the Mentor Program which matches newcomers with volunteer mentors, coordinates NEAIR social media, manages the job board, and works to facilitate networking and collegiality among members.

Program Committee is responsible for developing and implementing the programmatic offerings of the Annual Conference.  The program committee consists of a core team of Program Chair, Program Associate Chair, and Local Arrangements Chair, all of whom serve a two-year term.  The Program Chair and the Local Arrangements Chair are appointed members to the Steering Committee in the second year of serving on the Program Committee.  Additional members of the Program Committee are recruited for the second year; most serve a one-year term.

Nominating Committee consists of the immediate Past President as Chair and six persons elected by the membership of the Association and is responsible for conducting the election of officers, members at large of the Steering Committee and members of the next Nominating Committee of the Association in accordance with the election procedures set forth in this constitution.  

Professional Development Committee is chaired by the President-Elect (or his/her designee). The committee is responsible for investigating and implementing professional development opportunities for the membership which includes developing a list of potential sites, conducting costs analyses to determine a financially viable site, coordinating with the site for local arrangements, and developing a program by soliciting volunteers to present (e.g.. drive-in workshops, on-line learning opportunities, etc.).  

Site Selection Committee is responsible for recommending future conference sites to the Steering Committee. The chair of the Site Selection Committee is the President-Elect or his/her designee. The committee consists of the chair, the treasurer and additional members from the membership with conference committee experience.  This consists of assessing sites for feasibility and affordability (using existing checklists), reviewing projected budgets, visiting sites (when necessary), and reviewing hotel contracts under the direction and leadership of the President-elect, Treasurer, and Managing Director/Event Coordinator.  

Technology Committee is responsible for supporting the technology needed by the association to deliver information and services to the membership. This committee also evaluates and implements technological services required for supporting the operational functioning of the organization.  The committee consists of a member of the Steering Committee serving as chair and additional members from the membership.