Memorial Conference Grant Preparing a Proposal

A completed proposal must include:
  • A statement by the applicant describing how receiving the grant will support their attendance at the conference (e.g., to give a presentation, conduct a workshop, etc.) and how attending the conference will further her/his professional development. For context, this statement should include a description of the applicant’s current employment status (e.g., full/part-time, type of institution, etc.) and the roles s/he serves in her/his office. Additionally, the statement should include a plan for participation in the conference (e.g., workshop attendance, volunteer work, mentoring, presenting, and/or conducting a workshop, etc.). This statement should not exceed two double-spaced pages. 
  • A statement of financial need that includes a detailed budget. The budget should include all expected expenses and any support that has already been secured or is expected. Please see the Projected Travel Budget Template for a sample budget document. 
  • Include a resume or curriculum vitae.