Research Grant Criteria for Selection

Proposals are evaluated using a the Research Grant Scoring Rubric by the Grants Committee based on the following criteria:
Project Justification: There is a clear and compelling rationale for why the proposed research is of value and significance, and identifies the unique and essential attributes of the proposed project in light of the relevant extant literature.
Relevance/Benefits to NEAIR and IR: The proposer details clear and relevant examples of how the research is relevant to NEAIR and the IR profession and articulates how the research findings can benefit NEAIR and the profession.
Clarity of Research Methodology: The proposer clearly articulates the research methodology with a detailed explanation of the work to be undertaken, a plan, and timeline for doing so.
Dissemination Plan: The proposer clearly articulates a plan for dissemination of relevant information back to the NEAIR membership. (See the “Reporting Obligation” section for more details.)

Financial Need and Funding: The proposer provides full details and justification regarding expenses, financial need, and other financial support and the likelihood of obtaining that funding (e.g., institutional support).
Collaboration: Preference will be given to proposals that involve collaboration with researchers from other institutions or disciplines.
Viability of Completing the Research: The ability of the researchers to accomplish the project within the time frame and budget proposed.
Opportunity: Members who have not received any type of NEAIR grant within the past five years will have preference.