Sponsorship Return on Investment

Why Sponsor NEAIR - What's My ROI?   

Good Question! NEAIR conference planners understand that, like us, our Sponsors have tight budgets and time constraints.  So, we work hard to ensure you receive a return on your investment of time, energy and money spent attending our conference.  The following is a summary of what we offer you in return for your valuable sponsorship:

Relationships:  We believe the relationship we have with our sponsor reps is key to the success of both our members and the reps. We know that sometimes our reps don't make a direct sale the first year, but we know that it is the relationship built over time that makes the sale.  Our members are influencers - they influence their administration and they influence each other in the choices they make when choosing different products. We know that the reps that attend, answer questions, and value the relationship see the most results because our members are low risk but are in great need of solid support of any product they choose.  To enhance conversations with attendees, conference planners encourage exhibitor reps to attend conference activities to gain an understanding of institutional research issues.

Lightning Talks:  Our most effective perk and incentive for sponsorship is the Lightning Talk. Diamond & Platinum Sponsors each make a brief presentation to the full-body of conference attendees following Sunday's Opening Plenary.  Well-received by conference attendees, Lightning Talks provide a motivating and powerful invitation to the Exhibitor Sessions the following days.

Exhibit Hall:  The Exhibit Hall is our conference hub where conference attendees regularly gather for coffee, breaks, breakfast, poster session presentations, connecting with colleagues and sponsor reps. Our Sponsor Exhibitors are situated in the heart of all conference activities. The Diamond Exhibitor, with twice the booth space, will be strategically positioned within all site lines.  Booths will be decided in order of committed sponsorship by level. 

Exhibitor Session & Power Talk:  Diamond and Platinum Sponsor Exhibitors will each have a 45 minute breakout session to present information about their company and products. NEAIR encourages exhibitor reps to co-present with an institutional research practitioner so the session is a teaching and instructional presentation.  Gold Exhibitors will have a 30 minute session to present information about their company and products.  The Exhibitor Session will be scheduled in order of committed sponsorship.

Personalized Email Correspondence:  Our Diamond and Platinum Sponsors will send out a personalized invitation prior to the conference to each conference attendee through the NEAIR email server.  Only the Diamond sponsor will send out a personalized email after the conference.

Social Media Marketing:  NEAIR tweets, posts, and links announcements about sponsorship through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and in the NEAIR Membership Community. Additionally, all sponsors are listed in Whova mobile conference app with an image of the sponsor logo and a link to the sponsor web site.

Questions?  Contact Gina Calzaferri, NEAIR Exhibitor Coordinator, gina.calzaferri@temple.edu, or Beth Simpson, Conference Event Planner, neair@neair.org

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