NEAIR Sponsor Policies

Sponsors purchasing the Gold, Platinum, or Diamond level sponsorships are expected to and will be instructed to submit a presentation session for their allotted timeslot.
  • The respective Sponsor Presenter/s will be encouraged to co-present with NEAIR members so the session focuses on best practices, updates, and rollouts within the context of higher education.
  • The respective Sponsor Presenter will be required to register for the NEAIR conference.  Platinum and Gold each receive one complimentary conference registration.  Diamond receives up to three complimentary conference registrations. Complimentary registrations may only be used for the sponsor representative and not for co-presenters outside the sponsor company.
    • Sponsor Members may use the job board to post and search jobs.  Sponsor Members do not have access to the NEAIR listserv or Membership Resource Directory. 
    • Sponsors attending the conference will have access to the conference directory, but agree not to contact NEAIR members through any email blasts as this is a perk of Diamond and Platinum level sponsorship only and all emails to NEAIR members must go through the NEAIR email functionality.  Sponsors may use the conference directory to see which of their current clients are attending.

NEAIR Conference Call for Proposals is not open to commercial entities.  Commercial entities that wish to be considered for a conference session to promote a product or service must do so through the sponsor level designated for presentation session (Gold, Platinum, or Diamond level). 
  • At the close of the NEAIR Conference Call for Proposals, all submissions will be reviewed by the conference proposal peer reviewers and designated members of the program committee.  If it is determined that the content of the proposal is promoting a commercial product or service, a member of the Program Committee will contact the lead author to consider a sponsorship. 
  • If a corresponding sponsorship is purchased, the respective presenters will be encouraged by the NEAIR Sponsor Coordinator to co-present with NEAIR members so the session focuses on best practices, updates, and rollouts within the context of higher education.
Only the Diamond Level Exhibitor Sponsor may submit a proposal for a pre-conference workshop - this is a Diamond-level perk.

Full Payment.
Sponsorship must be paid before the start of the Annual Conference. Sponsors failing to make the final payment as required will forfeit their early registration discount, deposit and participation as a Sponsor.


Cancellation of Event: In the event that the Annual Conference is canceled, postponed, or relocated due to fire, strikes, government regulations, causalities, Acts of God, or other causes beyond NEAIR’s control, NEAIR will refund monies paid and cancel fees. The Sponsor waives any and all damages and claims for damages should the event be cancelled.

Cancellation of Contract: Sponsors who cancel via email to the Sponsor Coordinator or to NEAIR Office by October 1 are entitled to a refund equal to 50% of the Sponsor Fee. No refunds will be granted after October 1st. On-site cancellation requests due to delayed shipment of booth materials, delayed flights, and such will not be honored.

Sponsor Representative. 

Each Sponsor will name at least one person to be the Sponsor’s representative in connection with the installation, operation, and removal of the exhibit. Such representative shall be authorized to enter into such service contracts as may be necessary, and for which the Sponsor shall be responsible. Additional representatives may be registered for an additional fee.  Registration for representatives opens with general conference registration the beginning of September.

Any questions regarding these policies can be directed to NEAIR at or (302) 559-5638.

Policy as of March 2019 

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