NEAIR Leadership Team Grant

The NEAIR LEADERSHIP TEAM TRAVEL GRANT (LT) provides matching funds for a member of the NEAIR Leadership Team to attend the AIR forum.

NEAIR established this grant in 2015 with generous support from Association for Institutional Research through its AIR Affiliated Organization (AO) Forum Travel Grant program. The award is $1,000; this is a $500 grant from AIR that is matched by NEAIR with $500. The emphasis of this travel grant is to support the organizational development of NEAIR by:

  • Building partnerships between NEAIR leadership and AIR’s Executive Director and staff, the AIR 12-member volunteer board of directors, and leadership from other AIR-affiliated organizations through volunteer and networking opportunities at the annual forum.
  • Building relationships between NEAIR leadership and exhibitor sponsors (i.e., organizations marketing products to institutions of higher education) so that NEAIR can raise awareness among its membership about these technological solutions.
  • Providing opportunities for NEAIR leadership to attend sessions to learn about trending topics in higher education, institutional research, assessment, and effectiveness, as well as about best practices in the professional field, and transfer that knowledge to the membership at large.
  • Enhancing the visibility of NEAIR within both the field of institutional research and the larger higher education community.

The Call for Applications will open in February.  Applications cannot be saved.

Please download the Application Packet to help you prepare the narrative prior to starting the online application. 

The grant is open to the following members of the NEAIR Leadership Team: NEAIR Officers, Steering Committee, Conference Team Chairs and the Sponsor Coordinator. Prior recipients of the Leadership Team Travel grant are not eligible to apply while serving in the same position.

When you are ready to submit your application, please sign into the NEAIR website using your username and password (upper right). Your contact information will be pre-populated in the application.
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