Memorial Conference Grant Selection Process

Please be sure to review the following points below to understand the selection process.

Compliance: Proposals will be reviewed by the Past Chair of the Grants Committee for compliance with the submission requirements, blinded, and then forwarded on to the committee for review, scoring, and a determination of awardees.

Evaluation: Blinded versions of the proposals will be reviewed by the full membership of the Grants Committee using the Criteria for Selection. Each member of the committee will evaluate all submitted proposals independently using the Memorial Conference Grant Scoring Rubric. Next, the individual evaluations are shared with the full committee and discussed by the group. Proposals will be selected for funding on the basis of their merit and operationalized in the Criteria for Selection.

Voting: Selection is made by a simple majority vote of the Grants Committee.

Notification: The Grants Committee Chair will notify the authors of both selected and non-selected proposals of the committee's decision, and provide some feedback on the proposals based on input from the Grants Committee. Unsuccessful proposals can be re-submitted for consideration at another time.