IR Guiding Light Sponsors

NEAIR thanks the following sponsors for their generous support of our Your IR Guiding Light professional development webinar series.
  Xitracs lets you manage strategic planning, goal alignment, program assessment, learning outcomes assessment, credentials management and accreditation reporting to regional and program agencies. We can host a Xitracs system for you and have you up and running securely, quickly and easily. Xitracs is probably the most cost-effective solution you can buy!
Contact: Ed Hanley

Academic Analytics provides its clients with comprehensive data on faculty research activity and solutions drawn from analyses of national disciplines and custom comparisons at the institutional, department, program and individual faculty levels.  Combining Academic Analytics data with university data, Academic Analytics has developed Discovery Suite, a customizable search environment enabling university leaders to curate faculty profiles, identify faculty experts, create multi-disciplinary research projects, locate federal or private funding, identify candidates and nominators for disciplinary awards, and to showcase the university research enterprise.
Contact:  Brenda Cooper