Best Poster Award Recipients

 2017 Best Poster
Grace Libby, Melissa Quinlan and Natalia Zagula
Goodwin College 
Leaving the NEST  
  People's Choice Rachel Groenhout, Robert Zuercher, J. R. Bjerklie and Corina Larsen
University of Maine System
The Data Governance Journey
 2016 Best Poster Rita Liu and Kevork Horissian
Bucknell University  
The Effect of Athletic Participation on Student Success
  People's Choice Heather Kelly, Qi Ding and Allison Walters, University of Delaware A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Infographics Promoting IR
 2015 Best Poster Michael Duggan and Angela Carlson-Bancroft
Emerson College  
We did it! How We Increased Participation Rates 
 2014 Best Poster Margaret Munley
Lehigh University
Perceived Bias Against Asian American Applicants
2013 Best Poster Tiffane Cochrane and Amanda Bowsher
University of Maryland College Park
Examining the First-Term Experiences of New Freshmen: An IR Approach
2012 Best Poster Krisztina Filep, Banu Solak and Marilyn Blaustein
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Tracking Graduate Student Progress (or lack thereof) to the Degree
2011 Best Poster
Carol VanZile-Tamsen 
University at Buffalo-SUNY
What Do I Do With It Now? Beginning and Advanced Analyses Techniques for Open-Ended Survey Data
2010 Best Poster Marie Wilde
Cedar Crest College
 Assessing Institutional Effectiveness Using a KPI Dashboard
2009 Best Poster Robert Miller
Centenary College
The Utilization of Astin's (I?E?O) Framework in Providing a Unifying Context for Institutional Assessment   
2008 Best Poster Gary Boden
University of Rhode Island
2007 Best Poster Jason Schweitzer
The College of New Jersey
Freeze! Counting Students at Census...
 2006 Best Poster Nancy Griffin
University of Connecticut
The Outer Limits of Institutional Research