Best Poster Award Information


Previously known as the Best Visual Award, the Best Poster Award was first created in 2006 to encourage professional and artistic visual presentation of poster sessions. The expectation is that posters be printed digitally on large poster paper (up to 36” x 48”). In order to increase the professional display of poster session material, in 2010 a grant was established for the digital printing of posters. Starting in 2016, the criteria for evaluation of posters will focus equally on content and visual display (whereas it focused largely on the display only in prior years).

The People’s Choice Poster Award was created in 2016 to encourage conference attendees to engage in the poster session. Each poster has a small canvas bag on its stand, and attendees are encouraged to use a poker chip to vote for their favorite.


Award Recognition

The winner(s) of the Best Poster Award is/are awarded a monetary gift certificate.
The winner(s) of the People's Choice Award receive a first place ribbon.

Best Poster Award Recipients