Ambassador Grant Criteria for Selection

Applications are evaluated and awarded based on the following criteria:
Participation: Evidence of a plan for thorough participation at the Ambassador’s conference.

Ambassador’s Conference presentation: Applications that include an intention to present at the Ambassador’s conference will have preference.

Dissemination: Clear plan for dissemination of relevant information back to the NEAIR membership.

NEAIR Conference attendance: Commitment to attending the annual NEAIR conference following the Ambassador’s conference.

NEAIR Conference presentation: Outline of a session on the experience to be presented at the annual NEAIR conference following the Ambassador’s conference.

Variety: Funding is not likely to be provided for an NEAIR member to attend a conference that was attended by a funded NEAIR member the previous year. See Past Recipients for a listing of prior conferences.

Common interests: Conferences whose content corresponds to the research interests of the applicant and the membership at large will have preference.

Opportunity: Members who have not received any type of NEAIR grant within the past five years will have preference.

Alternate funding source: Members who do not have full alternative funding available will have preference. The application should mention whether the applicant has ever attended that conference before, whether full alternative funding is available from other sources, and the likelihood of obtaining that funding.

Matching funds: Matching funds are required for NEAIR Ambassador Grants and must be specified in the application. The funds may be from the member’s institution or from the member’s own resources. NEAIR will fund 50% of the cost up to the maximum grant amount.

Breadth: Non-institutional research conferences will be given preference. Only one member will be funded to attend a given conference.