AIR Forum Scholarship Preparing an Application

Interested individuals should complete the application on the AIR Forum Scholarship web page and upload the required documents when they are ready to submit the entire application.  Recipients will be notified on or before March 30 about the outcome of their application.
The completed proposal must include:

  • A statement by the applicant describing the anticipated benefits of attending the AIR Forum and planned forms of participation at the conference (workshops, volunteer work, etc.).  A statement of financial need and any support that has already been secured or is expected. 
  • The budget should include all expected expenses. Please see the Projected Travel Budget Template for a sample budget document.
  • A letter of support from a supervisor addressing the financial need and professional development benefits to the applicant. This statement of support should include assurance that the applicant has permission to attend the AIR Forum as an “on-the-clock” activity and a guarantee that costs to attend the AIR Forum that are not covered by this grant will be paid for by the institution. Please upload as a word document. 
See the AIR Forum Scholarship Rubric to help you prepare your application materials.

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