Qualitative Data Collection for IR - CANCELED

This session has been canceled.  Participants who have registered for this session will be contacted soon!

Presenter(s):    Felice Billups (Johnson & Wales University)
Location:           Ryan Center 

This workshop will provide an overview of the most commonly employed qualitative data collection strategies for IR projects. A summary of interviewing (individual, dyadic, conversational), focus groups, observation (participant, non-participant), document and artifact analysis, and journaling/reflective questionnaires will be provided, along with examples of how these tools can be used in a range of IR studies. Instrumentation templates for each data collection strategy will be included as part of the workshop, and attendees will have a chance to 'test' some of these instruments in data collection simulations. 

The anticipated learning outcomes include:
(1) attendees will leave with a general knowledge of qualitative research designs commonly  applied to IR studies,
(2) attendees will leave with a working knowledge of the various options for qualitative data collection strategies appropriate to IR projects,
(3) attendees will leave with an understanding of how to use the various qualitative instruments in qualitative data collection processes,
(4) attendees will be able to distinguish the differences and distinguishing features of each type of qualitative data collection instrument, and
(5) attendees will leave with sample instruments, templates, and resources to help them develop their own studies using qualitative research approaches. 

This workshop is intended to help participants understand qualitative research designs in order to effectively collect qualitative data using the tools specific to each design. The session is designed to include several interactive exercises and an opening 'quiz' will be used to begin the group conversation. The discussion will also reflect participant experiences and questions to focus the discussion on professional practice needs. Templates, worksheets, sample instruments will be shared with the attendees and questions are encouraged as an integral part of this workshop.

Audience:     Beginner to Intermediate

Requirements:  Participants are not required to bring a laptop, but can feel free to do so.

  • Introductions of attendees and presenter and session schedule
  • Goals for the workshop
  • Opening exercise and interactive discussion to identify current working knowledge of qualitative designs
  • How data is qualitative data collected (part I - interviews, focus groups)
  • How is qualitative data collected? (Part II - observation, document/artifact analysis, journaling/reflective questionnaires)
  • Piloting qualitative instruments, trustworthiness, reliability, validity strategies
  • Wrap up and questions, resources distributed