IR's Guiding Light Professional Development Series

NEAIR Conference & Workshop Teams will be broadcasting the following virtual webinars free of charge to our members. Registration is required - see Events Feed on homepage. 

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 Time/Date Presenter/sSession Title Slides/Recording     Session Description
May 28  12:00 pm Melissa Hartz
Colby College
Virtually Foolproof: Your Guide to Giving Effective Remote PresentationsAs the world moves online, the ability to effectively engage and communicate in a virtual format is essential. While different than presenting to a live group, remote presentations don’t have to be daunting – implementing a few core strategies will keep your online audience excited, attentive, and away from their inbox.

Attendees will leave this webinar with the skills and knowledge necessary to giving successful virtual presentations, including managing physical environment, curating slide content, and methods for engaging a remote audience.
June 11 12:00 pm Braden Hosch
Stony Brook University

Rick Burnette
Florida State University

Primer on How to Transform the Landscape of Analytics with Data Governance

Concerns come across our desks every day about data use, value, privacy, security, access cloud computing, and the fair and ethical use of data. Data governance represents a formal approach to address these concerns, but do you feel you don’t know enough about it? Do you think it is exclusively an IT issue? Do you think it is an institutional insurance policy? Think again. In this session, we will summarize the basic components of DG and articulate the strategic and risk-related aspects of data governance. You will learn why DG is a necessary strategic priority. This non-technical presentation will leave you with a better understanding of: a) what it takes to create a data governance infrastructure, b) how to maximize the value of data, and c) how to create a culture of data-informed decision making on your campus.
June 25
12:00 pm 
Betsy Carroll
Culinary Institute of America

Chad May
New Jersey Office of the
Secretaryof Higher Education
Project Management