Call for Nominations Page

As a NEAIR member you are privileged to nominate a colleague or self-nominate for open governance positions. While the Nominating Committee is responsible for developing the ballot, it is crucial that we have your input and support in providing nominations. This process plays a vital role in maintaining the health and growth of NEAIR as it assists the organization in identifying those persons who will be our next leaders.

The Nominations Form below allows you to nominate up to three individuals in a variety of ways: nominate one person per open position; nominate one person for several positions; nominate several people for the same position; etc.

If you want to make more than three nominations, it will be necessary to go through the process a second time after you have submitted the first round of nominations - just click on the "Call for Nominations" Tab to enter another round of nominations.

There is no limit to the number of nominations any one member may make.

Please click on the Open Positions to find a description for each role:
President-elect (1 person for a three-year term: one year as President-elect, one as President, and one as Immediate Past-President)

Secretary (1 person for a three-year term)

Steering Committee Member-At-Large (1 person for a three-year term)

Steering Committee Member-At-Large from a Private, 4-year (1 person for a three-year term; must currently work in a private institution)

Nominations Committee Members-At-Large (5 people for a one-year term)

Nominations Committee Members-At-Large from a Community College Sector (1 person for a one-year term; must currently work at a community college institution)

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