Scholarly Paper Guidelines for Best Paper Award

All Scholarly Papers MUST conform to the specifications outlined below in order to be included in the Proceedings, published in ERIC, and considered for the Best Paper or Best First Paper Award. If a submission has not been appropriately edited or does not conform to the Scholarly Paper Guidelines, the Publications Coordinator may ask authors to make changes to justify inclusion.   
Submission Guidelines:
  • Use Times New Roman 12-pt font and 1 inch margins; double space throughout.
  • Page length: no longer than 30 pages.
  • Provide page numbers in the upper right hand corner, including on the first page.
  • Follow Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition, 2009) guidelines for in-text citations, references, and formatting (unless otherwise specified in this document). Click here for the Purdue OWL’s overview on APA Style.
  • Exceptions to APA formatting:
    • Do not use running headers.
    • Do not append tables and figures. Include them in the body of the paper.
    • Format the First Page/Title Page according to the guidelines below.
  • Proofread all manuscripts carefully for content, grammar and spelling. The Publications Coordinator is not responsible for editing papers.
  • Format Tables and Figures according to the guidelines below.
  • Upload final paper by September 22, 2017.  
First Page/Title Page  
  • Title and Author Identification - The first page of the paper should begin with the title and author identification:
Author(s) Name(s)
Title and Office
College or Agency Affiliation
  • Abstract - After the title information, include a one-paragraph summary of your paper (100 words).
  • Text of your paper - Begin the body of your text on the same page, following the abstract.
Tables and Figures  
Include tables and figures within the body of the paper, preferably immediately before or after referencing them. All materials, including tables, figures, and graphics, must conform to the 1 inch margin specifications. Tables, figures, and graphics that do not conform to these guidelines may be altered in or excluded from the conference proceedings. If a table, figure, or graphic is excluded from the conference proceedings, a footnote indicating their availability from the author will be included.
Paper Submission Method
All papers for the Proceedings must be uploaded to the NEAIR Proposal Submission Website by September 22, 2017. Attachments must be uploaded in Microsoft Word format. This will facilitate editing and allow for a uniform appearance to the Proceedings. We will NOT accept paper copies.
Contact the NEAIR Publications Coordinator, NEAIR  at or (302) 559-5638 with questions.