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Research Grant Sample Proposal
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The following is an abbreviated version of a hypothetical Research Grant proposal. The project description and budget justification sections in an actual proposal are expected to be more detailed than those shown here.







Sally Significance

Director, Office of Institutional Research

University of Research

10 Isotope Road

Durham, NH 03824



University of Research

10 Isotope Road

Durham, NH 03824








Institutional researchers have long been interested in learning more about the role that food plays in student retention. Early studies in the field include Oscar and Meyer (1970), who found that there was a positive correlation between the quality of food served in the cafeteria and the likelihood that students would stay at their first college. Nutritionists such as Campbell (1984) and McDonald (1993) argue that having high-quality food readily available for college students increases their learning capacity, and hence their satisfaction with college and how they integrate with their surroundings.


I propose to conduct a controlled research study as to the effects of a students' diet on a wide variety of educational outcomes of interest to institutional researchers, such as academic performance, retention, and graduation. In my study, I will draw a random sample of fifty students to participate in the experiment. The students will be fed a strict diet consisting of

Ramen noodles, pizza, and Jolt cola. A control group will also be selected, and will be able to eat whatever they please. Previous research has shown that a diet consisting of Ramen noodles,

pizza, and Jolt cola can facilitate the release of certain chemicals in the body that are most likely to produce increases in learning capacity.


This study would be beneficial to institutional research in a number of ways. It is hoped that through this study, we can further determine whether a students' diet does contribute to learning

and growth during college. Such findings would have obvious policy implications for cafeterias, eateries, and other restaurants located in close proximity to colleges. This would be especially of interest to practitioners in the northeast region of the country given the relatively high consumption of pizza among college students in this region.


From this study, I plan to write a research paper based on my findings and publish this paper in a peer-reviewed journal such as The Review of Food and Education. I will also present my

findings at an upcoming NEAIR conference, as well as the national AIR Forum. This research project would complement my current professional interests. My bachelors degree was in Nutrition, and my masters degree was in Higher Education, so this project would allow me to combine two of my fields of study. I have also published the following paper on a similar topic:


Significance, Sally (1995), "Do Orange Groves Contribute to the High Graduation Rates in

Florida's Public Universities?" Research in Navel Academies vol. 1, no.1, pp.1-10.




I expect to incur the following expenses for this research project: Direct Costs:


Food for subjects                                      = $1,000


Postage                                                      = $ 55


Telephone Charges                                    = $ 50


Miscellaneous Supplies                             = $ 250





TOTAL                                                    = $1,355



The food costs are computed based on 50 pizzas at $10/pizza, plus…


The postage costs are computed based on sending 100 surveys to individuals at a cost of

$0.55/survey, plus…


The telephone costs are based on…


The miscellaneous supply costs include


I am requesting $1,000.00 to help cover these expenses associated with the research project. The Office of Institutional Research at the University of Research will cover all additional expenses associated with this project. These expenses are unique to the research project because…

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