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Burlington - Keynote Speakers

Dr. Lindsey Godwin

Associate Professor of Management
Academic Director, David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry
Stiller School of Business
Champlain College

 Changing Our Approach to Change: The Answers are in the Questions

Change is the only constant in our organizations. However, change is often a source of frustration in many of our workplaces – but perhaps it does not have to be.  We focus so much of our energy on solving problems to get the ‘right’ answer, but perhaps we need to focus more on the nature of questions we ask.  If what we ask determines what we find, what new questions will help us create innovative solutions to the complex challenges we face? Management Professor and Organizational Development specialist, Dr. Lindsey Godwin, will explore the ways that questions can transform our perception of problems in order to uncover new possibilities for achieving positive results in our workplaces.


Wendy L. Weiler

Senior Research Analyst
SUNY New Paltz
Office of Institutional Research

Change: Do You Navigate or Leverage?

There’s a tendency to think of change as something to “navigate” in the same way a ship’s captain might view an approaching storm – hunker down and hope to steer your way through. But when we don’t venture out and engage in evolving conversations or initiatives, we run the risk of getting left behind or - worse – being dictated to by others. A better approach might be to rethink our attitudes and focus on the ways in which a window of opportunity may be opening, offering chances that we can seize upon and leverage to further institutional and career goals. Wendy Weiler has worked in higher education environments undergoing transition, reinvention, as well as tumultuous reform at both the institution and national policy levels. She will draw from these experiences and explore with the audience our current attitudes and the ways in which they may be limiting or hindering our advancement.

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